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Welcome to the International Lauraceae Working Group

The laurel or avocado family (Lauraceae) is among the most frequent and ecologically most important woody plant families in moist tropical and subtropical forests worldwide.  Yet our knowledge about this group is still fragmentary.  Its phylogeny is only partly understood, we know little about the biology of most species, and many species of the larger genera are virtually indeterminable due to lack of keys and recent revisions.

Cinnamomum japonicum with inflorescence   Litsea glaucescens male flowers   Machilus grijsii fruit

The mission of this website is to improve this situation by sharing and disseminating knowledge about the Lauraceae.

We welcome any contribution that may help to reach this ambitious goal (descriptions, photos, field observations, information on phenology, pollination, dispersal, uses, etc., but especially newly collected plant material).

Please check our image pages (left sidebar, Content \ Image).  If you have any question, or any contribution to offer, do not hesitate to contact us.

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