Lauraceae no Morro dos Perdidos (Floresta Atlântica), Paraná, Brasil

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2009
Authors:M. L. Brotto
Start Page:445

<p>Morro dos Perdidos is located in Guaratuba, Paran&aacute; State (25&ordm;45&rsquo;&ndash;25&ordm;50&rsquo;S and 49&ordm;03&rsquo;&ndash;49&ordm;06&rsquo;W), comprising 1440 hectares of Atlantic Rain Forest, with altitudes between 767 and 1439 m. In the area, the family Lauraceae is represented by 15 species: Cinnamomum hatschbachii; Cryptocarya aschersoniana; Endlicheria paniculata; Nectandra puberula; Ocotea bicolor; O. catharinensis; O. elegans; O. nunesiana; O. odorifera; O. porosa; O. pulchella; O. tristis; O. vaccinioides; Ocotea sp and Persea willdenovii. Key, descriptions, illustrations and comments about the species are presented.</p>

Alternate Journal:Rodriguésia
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