O gênero Nectandra Rol. ex Rottb. (Lauraceae) no Estado do Paraná, Brasil

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2009
Authors:M. M. F. Zanon, Goldenberg, R., Moraes, P. L. R. de
Journal:Acta Botanica Brasilica
Start Page:22

<p>Nectandra Rol. ex Rottb. has 14 species in Paran&aacute;: Nectandra angustifolia (Schrader) Nees &amp; Mart., N. cissiflora Nees, N. cuspidata Nees &amp; Mart., N. grandiflora Nees &amp; Mart., N. hihua (Ruiz &amp; Pav.) Rohwer, N. lanceolata Nees &amp; Mart., N. leucantha Nees &amp; Mart., N. megapotamica (Sprengel) Mez, N. membranacea (Sw.) Griseb., N. nitidula Nees &amp; Mart., N. oppositifolia Nees &amp; Mart., N. paranaensis Coe-Teixeira, N. puberula (Schott) Nees and N. reticulata (Ruiz &amp; Pav.) Mez. We present an identification key and species descriptions, as well as illustrations and data on phenology and geographic distribution. N. hihua is cited for the first time in Paran&aacute; State.</p>

Alternate Journal:Acta Bot. Brasil.
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