A new species of Cinnamomum (Lauraceae) from the Bladen Nature Reserve, southern Belize

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2017
Authors:S. W. Brewer, Stott G. L.
Start Page:1
Date Published:06/2017
Keywords:Belize, Bladen Nature Reserve, Central America, Cinnamomum, Lauraceae, Maya Mountains

A new species in the Lauraceae, Cinnamomum bladenense S.W. Brewer & G.L. Stott, is described from the Bladen Nature Reserve in southern Belize. The new species is similar to Cinnamomum brenesii (Standl.) Kosterm., from which it differs by its much smaller, narrowly-campanulate flowers, its inner tepals glabrous abaxially, its shorter petioles, its minutely sericeous younger twigs, and its abaxial leaf surfaces not glaucous and with prominent secondary venation. A description, preliminary conservation assessment, and photographs of the species as well as a key to and notes on the Cinnamomum of Belize are provided.

Alternate Journal:PhytoKeys
Refereed Designation:Refereed
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