New names in Cinnamomoides, Cinnamomum and Neolitsea (Lauraceae), and Pterospermum (Malvaceae), fossil and living

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2017
Authors:A. B. Doweld
Start Page:189
Date Published:10/2017
Keywords:botanical nomenclature, Cinnamomiphyllum, Cinnamomophyllum, Daphnogene, Laurales, Neolitsea, palaeobotany, Pterospermum, taxonomic literature

The homonymy of some fossil and extant species names of Cinnamomum is resolved. Cinnamomum gracile (Geyler) Ettingshausen (fossil) is replaced by a new name C. camphoricum nom. nov., because of the earlier homonym C. gracile Miquel (extant); C. costulatum nom. nov. is proposed to replace the later homonym C. apiculatum Saporta (fossil fruits) non C. apiculatum Pilar (fossil leaves); C. fajumicum nom. nov. is proposed instead of C. africanum Engelhardt (fossil) non C. africanum Lukmanoff (extant); C. kalbaricum nom. nov. instead of C. grandifolium Cammerloher (extant) non C. grandifolium (Ettingshausen) Schimper (fossil); C. weddellii nom. nov. in place of C. orbiculatum Lukmanoff (extant) non C. orbiculatum Saporta (fossil). Cinnamomum camphoricarpum sp. nov. is validated instead of the invalidly published C. macropodum Miki (lacking holotype designation when published) based on fossil fruits and seeds from Pliocene sediments of Japan. Cinnamomum goeppertii Ettingshausen is rehabilitated as a legitimate substitute for Daphnogene javanica Göppert,
because the combination C. javanicum (Göppert) van Konijnenburg-van Cittert, van Waveren & Jonkers is illegitimate due to the existence of an earlier homonym, C. javanicum Blume (extant). Pterospermum wilkieanum nom. nov. (Malvaceae) is proposed instead of P. gracile Wilkie (extant) non P. gracile Geyler (fossil) (≡ C. gracile (Geyler) Ettingshausen). Cinnamomum salicifolium (Nees) Kostermans and C. trinerve (Lundell) Kostermans (extant) were found to be later illegitimate homonyms of fossil-species, C. salicifolium Staub and C. trinerve Bell respectively. Furthermore Cinnamomiphyllum Nathorst, Daphnogene grandifolia, D. lanceolata, Cinnamomum broteroi, C. orbiculatum, C. salicifolium Staub (non (Nees) Kostermans), C. trinerve Bell (non (Lundell) Kostermans), and C. ucrainicum are lectotypified. New combinations are validated: Cinnamomoides broteroi comb. nov., C. ellipticum comb. nov., C. humei comb. nov., C. jordanicum comb. nov., Cinnamomum duabicum comb. nov., Neolitsea marginata comb. nov., N. pannonica comb. nov., N. staubii comb. nov. As an addition to Taxonomic Literature II records, the precise dates of publication of the taxonomic works of Göppert’s Die Tertiärflora auf der Insel Java (1854), Lukmanoff’s Nomenclature et iconographie des Canneliers et Camphriers (1878, not 1889), Ettingshausen’s Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Tertiärflora der Insel Java (1883) and Zur Tertiärflora von Borneo (1883, not 1884) are established here.

Alternate Journal:Phytotaxa
Refereed Designation:Refereed
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