Acrodiclidium kunthianum Nees, holotype

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Remnants of flower parts from the rim of young cupules, from the holotype of Acrodiclidium kunthianum Nees (= Rhodostemonodaphne kunthiana (Nees) Rohwer), Poiteau s.n. (B), barcode B 10 0247364.  In the protologue, Nees wrote "Crescit in Guiana Gallica, (Poiteau.)  Vidi in Herb. Kunthiano absque floribus perfectis."  This specimen (see Digital Herbarium at, ImageID 253242) is from the Kunth herbarium and bears the handwriting of Nees, so that there is no doubt that it is the holotype.

Jens G. Rohwer
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