Nova espécie de Ocotea Aubl. para a região neotropical, estados de São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2016
Authors:J. B. Baitello, Brotto M. L.
Start Page:69

It describes a new species of Lauraceae for the Neotropics, southeastern Brazil, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Ocotea koscinskii Baitello & Brotto is an unisexual species very similar to Ocotea dispersa (Nees) Mez, but differs in particular by the globular shape of the fruit, no remaining tepals at the cupule of the fruit and thyrso-paniculate inflorescence. They still differ by occurrences in different strata when coexist in ombrophilous forests, respectively canopy and understory.

Alternate Journal:Heringeriana
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