Tipificaciones en la familia Lauraceae de la Flora del Paraguay

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2018
Authors:L. Ramella, Barriera G.
Start Page:109
Date Published:06/2018
Keywords:Aiouea, Nectandra, Ocotea, Oreodaphne, Paraguay, Phoebe, typification

The typification of 15 names described in the Lauraceae family from Paraguayan collections in the genera Aiouea Aubl., Nectandra Rottb., Ocotea Aubl., Oreodaphne Nees & Mart. and Phoebe Nees is presented. Lectotypes are designated for: Nectandra lanceolata var. paraguariensis Hassl., Ocotea confusa Hassl., Ocotea gracilipes Mez, Ocotea lanceolata f. latifolia Hassl., Ocotea suaveolens var. robusta Hassl. and Oreodaphne suaveolens Meisn. A second step lectotypification is made for Nectandra megaphylla Hassl.

Alternate Journal:Candollea
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