A new species and new combinations of Neotropical Cinnamomum

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2019
Authors:H. van der Werff
Start Page:137
Date Published:06/2019
Keywords:Aiouea, Cinnamomum, Ecuador, Lauraceae, new species

A new species of Cinnamomum Schaeff. from the Pacific coast of Ecuador is described and discussed. Cinnamomum latifolium van der Werff is distinctive for its broad triplinerved leaves with canaliculate petioles, densely pubescent young twigs, and 2-locular inner stamens. In addition, six species recently described in Aiouea Aubl. should, in this author’s opinion, be placed within Cinnamomum. The new combinations C.ampullaceum (Lorea-Hern.) van der Werff, C. hirsutum (Lorea-Hern.) van der Werff, C. paratriplinerve (Lorea-Hern.) van der Werff, C. pseudoglaziovii (Lorea-Hern.) van der Werff, C. rubrinervium (Lorea-Hern.) van derWerff, and C. uninervium (Lorea-Hern.) van der Werff are accordingly published. The author citation of the recently transferred C. baitelloanum van der Werff & P.L.R. Moraes to Aiouea is rejected.

Alternate Journal:Novon
Refereed Designation:Refereed
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