A revision of Cinnamomum Schaeff. (Lauraceae) for Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2019
Authors:R. P. J. de Kok
Journal:Gardens' Bulletin Singapore
Start Page:89

A revision of all species of the genus Cinnamomum Schaeff. (Lauraceae) occurring in Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore is presented with a summary of taxonomic history, notable features of morphology, a key to species, and a description, distribution map, Provisional IUCN Conservation Assessment for each species, together with notes on ecology and ethnobotany. In this revision, twenty-two distinct species are recognised, including one former variety that is elevated to species level as Cinnamomum selangorense (Ridl.) de Kok. Eleven names are lectotypified (Camphora inuncta Nees; Cinnamomum cinereum Gamble, C. graciliflorum Gamble, C. malaccense Meisn., C. ridleyi Gamble, C. rhynchophyllum Miq., C. sintoc Blume, C. subcuneatum Miq., C. velutinum Ridl., and C. vimineum Wall. ex Nees; Laurus malabathrum Wall. ex Nees), and five names are placed into synonymy for the first time. A small number of species are considered to have a Provisional IUCN Conservation Assessment of Least Concern, while most are either Endangered or Critically Endangered, with one species considered to be Data Deficient (Cinnamomum trintaense Kosterm.).

Alternate Journal:Gard. Bull. Singapore
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