Jens G. Rohwer

TypeTitleAuthorRepliesLast updated
BiblioThree new species of Lauraceae from the Atlantic rainforest of Brazil Jens G. Rohwer01 week 4 days ago
BiblioSpecies catalogue of Lauraceae in China: problems and perspectives Jens G. Rohwer02 weeks 2 days ago
BiblioStudies in Andean Ocotea (Lauraceae) IV. Species with Unisexual Flowers and Densely Pubescent Leaves, or with Erect Pubescence or Domatia, Occurring above 1000 m in Altitude Jens G. Rohwer02 weeks 4 days ago
BiblioNomenclature et Iconographie des Canneliers et Camphriers Jens G. Rohwer02 months 15 hours ago
Taxon DescriptionDamburneya Jens G. Rohwer02 months 2 weeks ago
Taxon DescriptionNectandra Jens G. Rohwer02 months 2 weeks ago
BiblioNova espécie de Ocotea Aubl. para a região neotropical, estados de São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Jens G. Rohwer02 months 3 weeks ago
BiblioPollen morphology of the family Lauraceae in China Jens G. Rohwer03 months 3 weeks ago
BiblioMachilus parapauhoi sp. nov. and a new synonym of Machilus (Lauraceae) from east Asia Jens G. Rohwer03 months 4 weeks ago
BiblioDNA barcoding evaluation and implications for phylogenetic relationships in Lauraceae from China Jens G. Rohwer04 months 3 days ago
BiblioNovitates neocaledonicae IV: Three new species of Cryptocarya R.Br. (Lauraceae) Jens G. Rohwer04 months 3 days ago
BiblioAniba inaequabilis (Lauraceae), a new species from Peru Jens G. Rohwer04 months 6 days ago
Anonymous (not verified)047 years 8 months ago
BiblioA new species of Litsea (Lauraceae) from Kerala part of Western Ghats, India Jens G. Rohwer04 months 1 week ago
BiblioPhylogeny of Neolitsea (Lauraceae) inferred from Bayesian analysis of nrDNA ITS and ETS sequences Jens G. Rohwer04 months 1 week ago
Taxon DescriptionNectandra purpurea Jens G. Rohwer07 months 1 week ago
BiblioPhylogenetic study of the genus Nectandra (Lauraceae), and reinstatement of Damburneya Jens G. Rohwer07 months 4 weeks ago
BiblioEvolution of Australian Cryptocarya (Lauraceae) based on nuclear and plastid phylogenetic trees: evidence of recent landscape-level disjunctions Jens G. Rohwer010 months 20 hours ago
BiblioPhylogeny and biogeography of Caryodaphnopsis (Lauraceae) inferred from low-copy nuclear gene and ITS sequences Jens G. Rohwer011 months 1 day ago
Taxon DescriptionCaryodaphnopsis Jens G. Rohwer012 months 4 days ago
BiblioNotes on two Asiatic genera of Lauraceae Jens G. Rohwer01 year 1 week ago
Taxon DescriptionCassytha Jens G. Rohwer01 year 1 month ago
Taxon DescriptionActinodaphne Jens G. Rohwer01 year 1 month ago
BiblioFlora of Bokor National Park V: Two new species of Machilus (Lauraceae), M. bokorensis and M. brevipaniculata Jens G. Rohwer01 year 2 months ago
BiblioAn enumeration of the plants collected in Bolivia by Miguel Bang Jens G. Rohwer01 year 2 months ago


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