Jens G. Rohwer

TypeTitleAuthorRepliesLast updated
BiblioAlseodaphnopsis: A new genus of Lauraceae based on molecular and morphological evidence Jens G. Rohwer015 hours 30 min ago
BiblioFloral structure and ontogeny of Syndiclis (Lauraceae) Jens G. Rohwer04 days 12 hours ago
BiblioA contribution to the pollen morphology of the Cryptocarya group (Lauraceae) Jens G. Rohwer04 days 12 hours ago
BiblioNotes on the monotypic genus Hexapora (Lauraceae), endemic to Peninsular Malaysia Jens G. Rohwer04 days 12 hours ago
BiblioA synopsis of the genus Actinodaphne Nees (Lauraceae) in Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysia Jens G. Rohwer01 week 6 days ago
BiblioA new species of Cinnamomum (Lauraceae) from the Bladen Nature Reserve, southern Belize Jens G. Rohwer04 weeks 14 hours ago
BiblioThree new species of Lauraceae from the Atlantic rainforest of Brazil Jens G. Rohwer02 months 1 week ago
BiblioSpecies catalogue of Lauraceae in China: problems and perspectives Jens G. Rohwer02 months 2 weeks ago
BiblioStudies in Andean Ocotea (Lauraceae) IV. Species with Unisexual Flowers and Densely Pubescent Leaves, or with Erect Pubescence or Domatia, Occurring above 1000 m in Altitude Jens G. Rohwer02 months 2 weeks ago
BiblioNomenclature et Iconographie des Canneliers et Camphriers Jens G. Rohwer04 months 10 hours ago
Taxon DescriptionDamburneya Jens G. Rohwer04 months 2 weeks ago
Taxon DescriptionNectandra Jens G. Rohwer04 months 2 weeks ago
BiblioNova espécie de Ocotea Aubl. para a região neotropical, estados de São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Jens G. Rohwer04 months 3 weeks ago
BiblioPollen morphology of the family Lauraceae in China Jens G. Rohwer05 months 3 weeks ago
BiblioMachilus parapauhoi sp. nov. and a new synonym of Machilus (Lauraceae) from east Asia Jens G. Rohwer05 months 4 weeks ago
BiblioDNA barcoding evaluation and implications for phylogenetic relationships in Lauraceae from China Jens G. Rohwer06 months 3 days ago
BiblioNovitates neocaledonicae IV: Three new species of Cryptocarya R.Br. (Lauraceae) Jens G. Rohwer06 months 3 days ago
BiblioAniba inaequabilis (Lauraceae), a new species from Peru Jens G. Rohwer06 months 6 days ago
Anonymous (not verified)047 years 10 months ago
BiblioA new species of Litsea (Lauraceae) from Kerala part of Western Ghats, India Jens G. Rohwer06 months 1 week ago
BiblioPhylogeny of Neolitsea (Lauraceae) inferred from Bayesian analysis of nrDNA ITS and ETS sequences Jens G. Rohwer06 months 1 week ago
Taxon DescriptionNectandra purpurea Jens G. Rohwer09 months 1 week ago
BiblioPhylogenetic study of the genus Nectandra (Lauraceae), and reinstatement of Damburneya Jens G. Rohwer09 months 4 weeks ago
BiblioEvolution of Australian Cryptocarya (Lauraceae) based on nuclear and plastid phylogenetic trees: evidence of recent landscape-level disjunctions Jens G. Rohwer012 months 15 hours ago
BiblioPhylogeny and biogeography of Caryodaphnopsis (Lauraceae) inferred from low-copy nuclear gene and ITS sequences Jens G. Rohwer01 year 3 weeks ago


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